Oral Surgeons
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Specialists, PA
Daniel E Sampson, DDS, MD
Dietrich R Lawrenz, DDS, MD
Rick L Diehl, DDS
Kirby C Johnson, DDS
Paul Peterson, DDS
Contact Info:      www.omsspecialists.com            (800) 638-6028

Minnesota Maxillofacial and Oral Consultants, PA
Abdollah Rahimi, DDS
Douglas Carter, DDS
Contact Info:      www.mnmax.com                              (763) 559-7688

Northern Star Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, PLLC
Julie A. Chavez, DDS
David L. Basi, DMD, PhD
Brandon E. Newell, DDS
Contact Info:      www.northernstaroms.com       (877) 465-0102

Twin Cities Periodontics
Nicholas P Lowe, DDS
Shahir Malek, BDS, MSD
Anthony J Skinner, DDS
Contact Info:      www.twincitiesperio.com           (952) 935-9009

Family Orthodontics, PA
Angela V Ross, DMD
Matthew Larson, DDS, MS
Contact Info:      www.angelarossortho.com        (952) 922-7117

Pan Orthodontics
Yu Pan, DDS, PhD
Stanley P. Williamson, DDS
Contact Info:      www.panorthodontics.com        (952) 926-3747

Veil Orthodontics
Jesse N. Veil, DDS, MS, PA
Justin Wild, DDS, MS
Contact Info:      www.veilorthodontics.com         (952) 903-9484          (952) 746-3015           (952)881-2269

Endodontic Specialists, PA
Mary Elizabeth Johnson, DDS, MScD
Michele A Reynolds, DDS, MS
Melissa B Chapman, DDS, MS
Levi T Kinsey, DDS, MS
Cale A Strait, DDS, MS
Contact Info:      (952) 927-8694

Tooth & Co. Pediatric Dentistry
Dr. Ellie Sakhi
Contact Info:      www.toothandco.com                    (952) 920-8234

Minnesota Craniofacial Center, PA
Roy V Hakala, DDS
Kim Ledermann, DDS, MS
Contact Info:      www.mncranio.com                         (651) 642-0947

Speech and Language Pathologist
Verbal Design Services, Inc
Jennifer Connelly, MS, CCC-SLP
Contact Info:      www.verbaldesignservices.com               (952) 881-0000

Snoring and Sleep Apnea
Snoring & Sleep Apnea Dental Treatment Center
Dr. Jeffrey Forslund, DDS
Dr. Jonathan Parker, DDS, DABDSM
Contact Info:      www.jparkerdds.com               (952) 345-0290