“What your Oral Health Says about your Body” Podcast Featuring Dr.Kaur

30 Nov 2016 BLOG

podcastwfwellnessDr. Kaur has recently been featured in an educational podcast by Tara Baklund, Wellness Advocate, Author and Creator of the Weight Free Wellness Podcast.  Dr. Kaur discusses how our oral health is both an indicator and story teller of our overall health and wellness.

Dr. Kaur shares her background in becoming not only a dentist, but how she gravitated towards the yet uncharted field of holistic dentistry. After practicing dentistry now for 17 years and holistic dentistry for over 10 years, she has solid experience and information to share.

“We connect with people as a whole person… we’re looking at your whole body… your being… your emotions, stress, lifestyle… It all comes together when developing treatment plans.” – Dr. Tara Kaur

You can check the podcast out HERE

Tara Baklund is the hostess and Creator of The Weight Free Wellness Podcast, Helping clients through the ups and downs with weight, self-image and health. She shares resources, interviews with experts and inspiring personal stories and also offers Wellness Consultations.  To find out more about Tara, visit her website: WeightFreeWellnessPodcast.com